One-of-a-kind Watercolors. Handmade Art is a Truly Unique Gift.

Sandra Brandenberg WatercolorsThe watercolor work of Sandra Brandenberg is an ode to free-flowing forms and color. Sandra is a talented artist and sculptor who’s lived in and around Pietrasanta for more than 25 years. She moved to the area to attend the Academy of the Belle Arti in Carrara. She has a strong personality and a laugh that’s infectious and hard to forget. She has dedicated herself to art and has created a beautiful body of work in sculpture, painting, bronzes and jewellery.

Sandra has conceded to doing a series of watercolors exclusively for Artis Limited. Lively, fresh, vessels that convey their meaning in the moment. These one-of-a-kind watercolors are in varying sizes… (mostly approx. 5″ x 7″) they are joyful meditations, intuitive outporings, reminders that the Spirit flows through all.
See more the artist Sandra Brandenberg’s pictures after the jump…

We share these works by Sandra Brandenberg with you, because they speak to us.
They are truly unique art gifts handmade in Italy.

Visit for more one-of-a-kind artwork.

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