List of Marble and Sculpture Studios in Pietrasanta


UPDATE: Here is a list of Sculpture Studios and Marble Laboratories in Pietrasanta Italy.
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Pietrasanta a charming medieval town in the foothills of the Apuan Alps is home to many artists and sculptors – called ‘Small Athens’ it’s been one of the important centers of sculpture since the time of Michelangelo, who came here to personally select the blocks from which he carved some of his greatest works. The list below is a sampling of some of the better known Studios in and around town, we offer this list as a resource for anyone who wants to have a commission produced by some of the many talented artisans who work in the Studios or for anyone who wants to know more about, and explore Sculpture Studios in Pietrasanta. Please write us if you have any comments or if you want to add your Studio to this list.

The list here is an updated, if partial, list of Sculpture Studios and Marble Laboratories in and around Pietrasanta. Use this list as a starting point, we encourage you to explore, and to contact us if you want to have your Studio included in the list. Here are links to local “yellow pages” which include many other laboratories and workshops.

We wrote a post on the tools of the trade, “Gli attrezzi per la Scultura.” It is linked HERE.

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1 Studio Angeli

The Studio was founded in the 70s. It is one of the best-known Marble Laboratories for the production of contemporary sculpture and works of art and.  The Studio has produced works for Isamu Noguchi, Franco Adami, Elisabeth MacQueen, Gigi Guadagnucci, Igor Miteraj, Yasuda Kan, Daniel Couvreur, Gonsalo Fonseca, and Akiko Sato.

The Studio Angeli is a thoroughly professional enterprise dedicated to helping in the creation of small and large-scale works of art.

It is located a few kilometers from Pietrasanta.

Angeli Giorgio
Via Madonnina, 256/b
55047 Seravezza LU
Tel: 0584.769738 – Fax: 0584.767446

2 L’Apuano

The Studio Apuano helps individual artists achieve their artistic visions. They also specialize in decorative and architectural elements such as artistic chimneys and one-of-a-kind-fixtures.

The studio is near Pietrasanta.

Via Aurelia 56, Pietrasanta (near the COOP supermarket)
Mob.: +39 348 3317618 (eng / It )
Contact: Languages spoken by the personnel: English, French, German, Spanish.

3 Association Arkad

A full-service Studio that produces contemporary sculptures and artwork.

The Studio is an Art Association, and artists’ community and is located in an old Marble Saw Mill IN THE MIDDLE of a river.

The Studio is 6 km from Pietrasanta in the marble community of Seravezza.

ARKAD Foundation
via del Palazzo, 417
55047 Seravezza LU
Tel: +39 0584 75 70 34
Fax: +39 0584 75 70 60
Email :
Contact: Nicolas e Cinzia. They speak English, French and Chinese.

4 Bertozzi Felice

The Studio Bertozzi has been in business for over 50 years – they combine ancient traditions and modern technology to help artists produce their artwork.Also works in granite.

The Studio is 2 km from the center of Pietrasanta.

Bertozzi Felice
Via Crocialetto, 28
Tel: 0584 792886 – Fax: 0584 792846

5 Bottega Versiliese

Also known as “La Cooperativa” this Studio started off as three separate businesses, a carving studio, a foundry and a mosaic studio. A busy shop near the old hospital the studio holds sumer workshops and is an ideal place to work if one has to execute a commission that involves both stone and bronze.Local people kept referring to this studio as “la cooperativa” which I found out referred to a conglomeration of three individual businesses: a carving studio, a foundry, and a mosaic studio that all recently combined at one location.

Located near the center of Pietrasanta

Bottega Versiliese
Via Martiri di Sant’Anna, 14
55045 Pietrasanta LU –
Tel: 584-70788 Fax: 584-70787
Contact: Mario Bertini or Jiani Tinunin (Speak English and French)

6 Cervietti Franco&C

One of the most active Studios, it was founded in 1962 by Danilo Cervietti. His son Franco now runs the shop which has relocated to one of the newer industrial areas of town. It is best known for classical and figurative work, although it has also executed some commissions by contemporary masters like Fernando Botero, Niki de Saint-Phalle, Jeff Koons, Paolo Borghi, Ivan Theimer, Glenna Goodacre, and others…

It is located a few kilometers from Pietrasanta

Cervietti Franco
Via dello Statuario, 14/16
Loc. Portone
Tel: +39 0584.790454 – Fax: +39 0584.790925
They speak english and french.

7 Fratelli Galeotti

Founded in 1920 the Studio prides itself in the merging of traditional and technological solutions to the execution of works in stone.

Located near the center of pietrasanta.

Via Delle Iare, 22
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
Tel: 0584 792920
Fax: 0584 793129

8 Galeotti Paolo Nello

Three generations of marble artisans work in the Studio: the father Paolo Nello and two sons Gino and Mario and two nephews, Paolo and Francesco. The Studio produces classical and sacral figures and modern pieces.

Located in the historic center of Pietrasanta

Galeotti Paolo Nello
Via Oberdan, 30
Tel: 0584.71148 – Fax: 0584.71148

9 Galleni Massimo

This Studio was founded in 1996. It executes classical, sacred, and contemporary works. In the realm of modern sculpture many contemporary masters work with the Studio, and we mention here a few: H. Albert, Anna Chromy, Claudio Capotondi, Maria Gamundi, G. Maraniello, A. Mazzoni, Luigi Ontani, A. Pinna, U. Sanches, A. Trotta, Rabarama.

Located a few steps from the historic center of pietrasanta.

Galleni Massimo
Via Torraccia, 5
Tel: 0584.793527 – Fax: 0584.793527

10 Giannoni Marco

Marco Giannoni is classically trained but also works with modern art. Numerous artists come and work with Marco to produce their works and commissions.

The Studio is located a few kilometers from the center of Pietrasanta

Giannoni Marco
Via della Cisa, 16
Tel: 0584.792995
Fax: 0584.792995

11 Studio Sem

Founded in the 50s by Sem Ghelardini (1927-1997) the studio gained notoriety producing large-scale works by Henry Moore, Cèsar, Emile Gilioli, Georges Adam, Juan Miro, Andre Bloc, Alicia Penalba, Knut Steen, Pietro Consagra, Barry Flanagan, Helaine Blumenfeld, Elizabeth MacQueen, Eja van den Berg, and others.

At the forefront of the first wave of modern abstract sculpture in the sixties, the studio is now run by Keara McMartin who was Sem’s ‘right-hand.’ Although known for their work with modern abstraction they are also gifted with classical and figurative work.

Located in the historic center of Pietrasanta

Studio Sem
Via S. Agostino, 51
Tel: 0584.790733 – Fax: 0584.790733
Contact: Keara McMartin, speaks english.

12 Studio Stagetti

The Studio is operated by Nicola Stagetti, his brother and his son.

They execute classical and modern commissions and like many of the Studios now, combine traditional experience and modern technology. A busy Studio, they also host summer workshops for local and foreign artists.

It is located in the historic center of Pietrasanta.

Studio Stagetti
Via Martiri Di S.Anna, 14
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
Tel: 0584 71712
Fax: 0584 71712
Contact: Nicola Stagetti, speak english

13 Togni Umberto

Since 1963 Umberto Togni produces artwork in marble “made to order.” The atmosphere at the Studio is jovial and warm, Umberto works with his son Gabriele who grew up in the Studio since he was a child. They produce a variety of small and latrge-scale work for Giuliano Vangi, Romano Cosci, Novello Finotti, Claudio Borghi, Barbara Sorensen

The Studio is located 3 kilometers from Pietrasanta.

Togni Umberto
Via Valdicastello, 135
Tel: 0584.772056 – Fax: 0584.772056

14 Giannoni Ulderigo

The Giannoni Ulderigo workshop produces classic, modern and religious sculptures, utilizing age old techniques in marble workmanship passed on from generation to generation by expert artisans.

Any plaster model can be reproduced in any size however small or large.

The Giannoni Ulderigo workshop has been working for over 25 years with important international artists such as Giò Pomodoro, Novello Finotti, Giuliano Vangi and Armando Marrocco.

The Studio is located 2 kilometers from Pietrasanta.

Giannoni Ulderigo
Via delle Iare 23
Loc. Pontestrada –
Tel-Fax. 0584-793375
cell. 339-6530971
Downloadable PDF catalog on the site.

15 Studio Pescarella

Studio Pescarella is a modern and comfortable workspace where many artists from all over the world come to make their art. It is located in Vallecchia, minutes away from Pietrasanta’s city center.

The studio is run by Jaya Schuerch, Neal Barab and Lotte Thuenker.

Studio Pescarella
via Pescarella 22, interno 55045
Pietrasanta (Vallecchia) LU

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