Amadou’s stone bowls: a unique art gift, handmade in Italy for Artis Limited

Stone Bowl made by Amadou Niang for Artis Limited
Amadou Niang makes the most amazing stone bowls. They are carved in stone and then glazed with pigment of brilliant hues. They are wonderful examples of handmade home design and functional art! Amadou Niang was born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1961, and that’s where he completed his apprenticeship in sculpture. His teacher was his brother, Babacar Niang. He worked in his sculpture studio in Dakar. He then went to France to work with Macoura Niang, his younger brother, and it is there that he heard about Pietrasanta. He came for a visit and was moved by the opportunities to explore his art. He’s lived in and around Pietrasanta, for 5 years, where he continues to develop himself as sculptor and artist and produce unique handmade art gifts.
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Photos of Amadou Niang, in Calcinaia, during a simposium, 2010.

He is part of the global community of artists attached to Pietrasanta re-defining functional art and ‘…made in Italy.’

He has produced these two glazed stone bowls exclusively for Artis Limited.

More details about Babacar and Macoura Niang
The page is in french, but there is a photo gallery at the bottom of the page.


Amadou Niang Website
The site is in French

Visit for more bowls and other one-of-a-kind artwork.

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