Corsi di Scultura: Sculpture Courses in Pietrasanta for artists & sculptors of all levels and for all budgets

Alnassar Atelier, workshop sculpture in Carrara, Artis Limited

Many of the Sculpture studios and Marble laboratories in and around Pietrasanta – as well as some individual Master Sculptors – host Summer Sculpture Courses. By doing a little research one can find an amazing range of options; from very basic courses for those curious to see how marble “feels” to advanced master workshops, anything from a week in length to several months. Come discover sculpting in what Neal (hi Neal!) calls the “sculpture center of the world;” it’s an unforgettable experience, minutes away from the Mediterranean Sea, close to Florence and Cinque Terre, a truly unforgettable experience.

What follows is a partial list of some of the better-known and established courses.

Please feel free to drop us a line … for a comment, correction or suggestion, or to add or delete your Sculpture Course to/from this list.

Vi invitiamo a contattarci con qualsiasi commento, correzione, suggerimento o se volete aggiungere a,o togliere il vostro Corso di Scultura da questa lista.

Come to Pietrasanta to take a sculpting class… Summer school was never this much fun!

We wrote a post on the tools of the trade, “Gli attrezzi per la Scultura.” It is linked HERE.

The list begins after the jump…

1/ Alnassar Atelier

The Alnassar Atelier is situated in the area called “La Piastra”, an open air space surrounded by nature between the Carrara Marble Quarries and the Regional Nature Park of the Apuan Alps.

The course lasts two weeks.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Alnassar and Barbara
Via Carriona di Ravaccione, 7
54033 Carrara (MS) Toscana
Mobil. 0061423240466
Tel. +39 328 9074119

2/ Andrzej Lemiszewski

The course is given by the Danish sculptor of Polish origin, Andrzej Lemiszewski, who studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. He has been working and living in Pietrasanta for over 20 years. Over this course you will be studying different aspects to understand how the sculpture takes shape from concept to completion.

The course lasts a week.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Spoken languages for the course are English, Italian, Danish and Polish.

3/ Arco Arte

Since 1991 Arco Arte – which is located in Carrara – welcomes those that wish to learn the techniques of the ancient art of Sculpture.
Founded by the sculptor Boutros Romhein, Arco Arte offers courses for beginners, advanced students and for those that wish to perfect their knowledge of marble sculpture. Various types of accommodations are offered adjacent to the studio.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:

4/ Artistic Holidays – Studio Galeotti

The courses in sculpture are hosted by the third-generation firm of Galeotti, and offer hands-on, intensive sessions at various levels. You can’t expect to come away as the next Donatello, but after ten six-hour practical sessions under the tutelage of expert sculptors and marble-workers, you will have an excellent grounding in this ancient art.

The course lasts 10 days.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:

5/ Artistici Marmi Apuani

Founded in 1962 the ARTISTICI MARMI APUANI studio works with world-class artists and offers sculpture courses, that generally last two weeks, from March to October. Students have access to both traditional and modern sculpting tools, and are provided with marble

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
AMA Artistici Marmi Apuani
Via delle Pinete, 21
54036 – Marina di Carrara (MS) – Italy
Tel – Fax. +39 (0)585 634769

6/ Campo dell’ Altissimo

The Summer Academy at the Campo dell’ Altissimo just celebrated 30 years of activity in the little mountain village of Azzano. You can study sculpting in marble, painting and drawing, continuously from Easter to autumn, during the most beautiful and enjoyable months in Italy. The Academy is a lively and world-renowned place to go for many professional artists who like to work at the Campo and/or let their
models be cast in the local studios and bronze foundries in Pietrasanta.

The courses last for one or two weeks.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:

Rosemarie Rosenzweig
Am Eichgarten 15
D-12167 Berlin
Tel. +49 (0)30 795 60 00
Fax. +49 (0)30 79 78 47 94

Ruth Seeger
3334 Ingleside Rd
Shaker Heights, OH 44122
Tel. 610.990.1613
(best between 5pm and 10pm ET)

7/ Christian Lange

Christian is a talented sculptor, a great guy and a friend of ours here at Artis. He manages a sculpture course during the month of September for students with a basic knowledge in sculpture. Students can develop a model, or start from a sketch, Christian helps with the logistics, materials and finishing as needed. The studio is near the center of Pietrasanta.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Christian Lange
Tel. +39 0584 919046
Mobil. +393298879116
Speaks English, French, German, Italian

8/ Jill Burkee

Originally from Aspen, Jill lives in Pietrasanta and New York; she organizes marble carving workshops in sunny Pietrasanta.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Jill Burkee

9/ The Pietrasanta Marble School

The Pietrasanta Marble School was founded with the purpose of teaching sculpture through simple and easy to understand methods. The teacher, John Taylor, is a professional sculptor who has a knowledge of marble and all other sculpture techniques, he is able to understand the needs and the capacities of the individual student, and is prepared to transmit this humanistic, technical and artistic knowledge.

The school runs two, three or four-week courses of sculpture in the summer for a maximum of 12-15 students per course. The studio is located at 10 minutes walk from the historical centre of Pietrasanta.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Pietrasanta Marble School
Viale Apua 13,
55045 Pietrasanta (LU) ITALY
Mobil. 0039 340 673 4014
UPDATE: The site is no longer active


The courses in Pietrasanta are available the whole year round upon request – most classes are 10 6-hour work days. During the sculpture courses (basic, intermediate, advanced level) you will be assisted by
expert art masters in every stage of carving, and you’ll have the opportunity to work with the famous white Carrara marble.

Courses are held every monday all year round.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:

11/ Studio Stagetti

Founded by Nicola’s Father, now run by Nicola, Antonio, his brother and Sebastiano, Nicola’s son, this is a professional laboratory; during the year they execute contemporary and classical commissions, during the summer they host sculpting courses.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Nicola Stagetti
v. Martiri Di S. Anna ,14
55045 Pietrasanta (LU)
Tel. 0584 71712
Fax. 0584 71712
Speaks english

12/ Zoran Grinberg

The courses offered range from the beginner to the advanced, students work on their own personal projects. Zoran strives to impart the technical skills necessary that promote independence. Includes a
possible visit of the famous quarries and a tour of the most prestigious studios in the area.

The studio is 10 minutes by car or bus from the center of Carrara.

For program details, exact dates and costs, please contact:
Zoran Grinberg
via Carriona 3
54033 Carrara (MS)
Tel. 00 39/05 85 71 837
The site is in french

We encourage you to come visit Pietrasanta “citta d’arte” and we highly recommend you take a sculpture course while here. Discover a centuries-long tradition, meet some amazing people, have an aperitivo in the Piazza at one of the bars frequented by local and international artists, and watch the sun set on the hills in one of the most beautiful areas in the world. (See the Piazza on the Webcam we link to below.) Many of the studios will help you with accommodations and with getting oriented. Most studios and sculpture courses require that you have international health insurance. We provide this list as a service to those looking for a Sculpture Course. Artis is not responsible for the information provided by the individual artists and studios. Contact the studios directly for the latest info on schedules, prices and any special events they might feature. Tell them you found them on Art is Life.

(Photos of Atelier Alnassar, Workshop Sculpture)

10 thoughts on “Corsi di Scultura: Sculpture Courses in Pietrasanta for artists & sculptors of all levels and for all budgets

  1. Hi, I am looking to do both a stone carving course, I am not a stranger to stone carving though I would desire some real tuition. Also I do bronzes and would like instruction in mould making and working with the wax. Thank you

  2. Hi, we are looking for a workshop of just a few hours for a group of pupils – is there anything this short?

  3. Am trying to locate the Pietrasanta Marble school run by John Taylor but the link has changed it would seem as now it appears to be a site with loads of advertisements. Can you help with a contact for this school please?

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