25 artists from the Royal British Society of Sculptors exhibit in Pietrasanta

25 artists from the Royal British Society of Sculptors exhibit in Pietrasanta
Twenty-five sculptors, members of the prestigious Royal British Society of Sculptors, many of whom have been active in the sculpture studios and foundries of the Pietrasanta artists’ marble community for years, will exhibit in a large group show in the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino, from March 26th through April 10th, 2011. The Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Pietrasanta promotes this encounter of languages and experiences, which give form to an amazingly rich variety of expression, as part of its’ wonderful program of art exhibits and events. Founded in 1905 the Royal British Society of Sculptors is the oldest organization devoted to sculpture in the United Kingdom. Many of the artists in the exhibition have for years contributed to the artistic life of Pietrasanta.

The exhibition, hosted in the wonderful setting of the Chiostro di Sant’Agostino is open until April 10th, between 4pm and 7pm. (Closed Mondays) Free to the public.

For a full list of sculptors exhibiting continue after the jump…

This is the complete list of sculptors represented in the exhibition: Hanneke Beaumont (Holland,) Robin Bell (Canada,) Nicolas Bertoux (France,) Helaine Blumenfeld (Great Britain,) Eppe de Haan (Holland,) Maria Gamundi (Venezuela,) Sylvestre Gauvrit (France,) Anat Golandski (Israel,) Barbara Hodgkins (United States,) Immanuel Klein (Holland,) Briony Marshall (Great Britain,) Ron Mehlman (United States,) Nicolas Moreton (Great Britain,) Louise Plant (Great Britain,) Shelley Robzen (United States,) Cynthia Sah (China,) Inger Sannes (Norway,) Eja Siepman van der Berg (Holland,) Matthew Simmonds (Great Britain,) Almuth Tebbenhoff (Great Britain,) Nick Turvey (Great Britain,) Julia Vance (Norway,) Maja van Hall (Holland,) Jill Watson (Great Britain,) Lars Widenfalk (Sweden.)

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