2011, the Summer of Art. A partial list of art and music events (and walks too) in Pietrasanta and the Versilia region

“Temptations” by Andy. Lots of (art, music) temptations in the list of events below!

The sun is shining, the Piazzas are full, the exhibition spaces a cool respite from the summer heat. The beach beckons young and old. La Dolce Vita is in full swing. We’ve put together a partial listing of some of the events in Pietrasanta and the Versilia Region. There’s something for everybody. Art, music, theater, performance, spoken word, mountain hikes and … so much more. We hope to update this list in the coming weeks with more events and art exhibits – as we know that it is far from complete – so please feel free to send us your comments and recommendations or to make any corrections to what we present below. We linked to english-language sources whenever possible; if you are an artist and have a different site you want us to link to, please let us know – we can also help with putting you in contact with professionals to help you with translating from italian to english – and also to help with designing a website should you need one. See you in the Piazza!

Sappiamo che questa lista di eventi non é completa, e vi chiediamo di contattarci se volete aggiungere qualcosa o se avete una correzione. I links sono a fonti in Inglese quando possibile. Se siete un artista e volete che cambiamo il vostro link ad un altro sito, per favore fatecelo sapere, e se avete bisogno di tradurre testi o siti dall’Italiano all’Inglese o se avete bisogno di costruire un sito, vi preghiamo di contattarci. Grazie a tutti che hanno aiutato con questa lista … e ci vediamo in Piazza!

Art Galleries and Exhibitions: Pietrasanta Summer 2011

“Sopra/naturale. La Forma che riflette” the new summer exhibit in Pietrasanta kicks off the first iteration of Pi.Co. – PietrasantaContemporanea. The show which features new work from the Italian artists Loris Cecchini and Alberto Garutti, the South-african Kendell Geers, Pascal Marthine Tayou from Cameroun, the Russian Ilya and Emilia Kabalov and the Belgian Jan Fabre, is a co-production of the Assessorato alla Cultura of Pietrasanta, the Centro Arti Visive and the Fondazione La Versiliana. The show which will take place in the Complesso di Sant’Agostino and in the Piazza, will explore social space and social dynamics, from a theoretic and and ethical point of view. The opening is held this Saturday the 25th at 6:30pm; the show will continue until August 28th, and the hours are from 7pm to midnight. The show is free and open to the public. Follow PietrasantaContemporanea on Facebook for the latest updates.

In August the Sala delle Grasce will host “Il Circo dell’Arte” an artistic journey of the Calabrese painter Pino Deodato.

La Versiliana Biennale del Disegno will debut from the 16th of July to the 31st of August. Omar Galliani, Hermann Nitsch, Dennis Oppenheim, Günther Brus, Jan Fabre, Isabelle Champion Metadier, Felice Levini are among the artists participating in the drawing show at the Villa La Versiliana. The show pairs seven masters and seven emerging artists in a trans-generational exploration of the “language” and the “methods” of drawing. The show is produced by the Centro di Arti Visive.

Also produced by the Centro di Arti Visive is “Egosistemi – nature becoming art,” at the Palazzo Panichi in July. The show looks at the relationship between nature and culture, and will also examine ‘realism’ through its’ many transmutations. Gabriele Basilico, Bertozzi & Casoni, Alessandro Ciffo, Michelangelo Consani, Piero Gilardi, Andrea Salvetti and Massimo Vitali exhibit. And developing the theme, in August Anna Bianchi, Juan Carlos Ceci e Fulvio Di Piazza artists of the under-40 generation will interpret the landscape in the light of social and cultural transformations, in an art show titled “Fisiologia del Paesaggio.”

“Andy: Pop Circle Invaders,” is the latest pop art assault by artist/designer Andy at the Gestalt Gallery in Pietrasanta. The show continues until July 14th in the center of Pietrasanta and features 18 new canvases and pieces in his trademark neon glo neo-baroque style. (see the artwork above)
Gestalt Gallery, Via Stagio Stagi, 28, Pietrasanta
Hours: mar-dom 10-12:30, 18-20:30, 21:30-24 (closed Monday)

“Fat City” an exhibition of the work of Riccardo Luchini curated by local art figure Lodovico Gierut will take place from the 18th of June to July 1st at the Gallery/Studio ‘La Meridiana.’ Riccardo Luchini a Versiliese artist is currently docent at the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Carrara. His work in ‘Fat City’ is a study of the link between sign and color in which breathes a subtle lyrical and malincholic ethos.
Galleria/Studio “La Meridiana”, Pietrasanta (Lucca)
Via P. Eugenio Barsanti, 29
Hours from 5pm to 11pm.
For more information call 3384594925

“Lo Sguardo Velato” an exhibition of works on paper by Marco Pavani at Petratedizioni, Via del Marzocco 27 Call 329-8020034 for more information. Hours Wednesday-Sunday 4:30pm to 8pm and 9:30pm to midnight

“Scuture” by Mara Moschini at the Studio D’Arte Pinto in Via Stagio Stagi 11 Call 348-5169214 for more information. Open evenings.

“Toscanitá” an exhibition of paintings by Mauro Gliori, rounds out its month in the Piazza in Tonfano this next weekend June 25 and 26th. The show is in the Garden Space of the Piazza XXIV Maggio in Tonfano. Call 0584-795500 / 0584-20331 for more information.

“Il Labirinto del Mondo” a one-man photography exhibition of Agostino Rocco, at the Galleria Barbara Paci, Piazzetta del Centauro 2. Call 0584-792666 for more information. Hours… from 10am to 1pm, then from 4:30pm to 8pm, and then again from 9pm to midnight. Closed Sunday morning.

“Caso Zero” The show features work by Antonio Managò and Simone Zecubi who work under the name J&Peg to remind us of the digital picture-format which plays a part in their creative endeavors which combine performance, photography, painting and computer graphics. This is the second year that the Galleria Poggiali e Forconi of Florence collaborates with the ExMarmi company to produce an exhibit in ExMarmi’s “post-industrial” art space.
Ex-Marmi Via Nazario Sauro, 52 5046 Pietrasanta
Write to them here for more information: info@exmarmi.com
Or call 333 8073318
The show runs from July 3rd to July 12th. The opening is on July 2nd.

The 32nd Festival Versiliana: Marina di Pietrasanta 2011

The 32nd Festival La Versiliana takes place in the magical setting of the Villa in the pine forest by the sea. From July 1st to August 31st the Villa La Versiliana will come alive with a remarkable program of art events of a very high calibre. Prose, Dance, Music, Art and “Incontri al Caffé” will feature prominently in this year’s Festival.

The Teatro alla Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta presents the theatrical production “Arlecchino servitore di due padroni” July 8th and 9th. Directed by Giorgio Strehler with Ferruccio Soleri in colllaboration with Stefano de Luca.

Bizet’s “Carmen” at the Teatro Versiliana on July 21st, 2011. Choreography and lighting by Antonio Gades and Carlos Saura, scenography by Antonio Saura, Music by Gades, Solera Freire, Georges Bizet, Artistic Direction by Stella Arauzo. 28 years after the first production (presented in May of 1983 at the Théatre de Paris) rivolutionized the representation of Flamenco, Antonio Gades’ “Carmen” continues to dazzle and amaze.

For more information on all of the events visit the La Versiliana website.

Marco Travaglio: Marco Travaglio 2011

“Anestesia Totale” an evening of words (not minced) and music (electronic) by Marco Travaglio starring Marco Travaglio with Valentino Corvino on the viola, with the participation of Isabella Ferrari, directed by Stefania De Santis. “Finally it’s over. He’s gone. And that’s the good news. The bad news is that the radiation lingers. A mountain of toxic waste will continue to leave damages and victims for decades to come… It’ll take a long time to get over them all.” So opines the fiery social critic in “Anestesia Totale” – it promises to be a provocative, informative and … healing evening. Part of the La Versiliana Festival, July 21st, 2011.
For more information: http://www.laversilianafestival.it/

The Season of Change and the Young: The Premio Carducci 2011

This years’ Carducci Prize is presided over by Alberto Bellocchio, brother of the Film Director Marco, who takes over the reigns from Raffaello Bertoli who guided the last 10 years’ worth of the Literary Prize given to emerging poets. This year the event is divided in three sections: The “Premio Carducci di Poesia Edita” (published poetry) is open to any poet under 40 who has published a poem in Italian in the last two years. The “Premio di Poesie nelle scuole” (poetry in the schools) will be co-ordinated by the Istituto Don Lazzeri of Pietrasanta, and the Premio Carducci alla carriera” (lifetime achievement) which will be awarded to any poet Italian or foreign based on the breadth and scope of his or her work. The winners will be announced and the prizes given out on the evening of July 27th – the anniversary of the birth of the great Italian poet. There will be additional related events in the birthplace of the poet in Val di Castello Carducci. For more information visit the site of the Comune di Pietrasanta.

Music and Concerts: Galaxia Medicea 2011

Galaxia Medicea rocks the house … again. The electronic music and art festival held in Seravezza each year returns with their Summer 2011 line up of concerts. This weekend, June 24th and 25th the Palazzo Mediceo complex in Seravezza will hear new electronic music from emerging Italian musicians. On Friday the 24th Tying Tiffany and AUCAN will perform, and on Saturday Beatrice Antolini and Port Royal will rock the … well, villa!

Music and Concerts: Pietrasanta in Concerto 2011

“Pietrasanta in Concerto” is the 5th iteration of the International Festival of Music held in the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino. It will take place from the 22nd to the 31st of July. We’ll probably write more on this as it’s an impressive feast of sacred and secular music, featuring works of Bach, Stravinsky, Beethoven, Mozart, Weber, Piazzolla, Corelli, Rachmaninoff, Sostakovitc, and Vivaldi to name but a few. The list of world-renowned musicians includes the Orchestra Cantelli of Milano, Martha Argerich and the Arriaga Quartet. Check out the official site for all the details and see the Program listing here for the complete week’s program. There are two events will will take place in the Piazza, one on Monday the 25th of July, “La Boheme” featuring music by Mozart, Weber, Piazzolla, Corelli, with an homage to Aznavour, and the other on Sunday the 31st of July “Tangos with Martha Argerich and Friends.”
For more information and to buy tickets, call 0584 265757 or 0584 795511.

Art Galleries and Exhibitions: Forte dei Marmi 2011

“Festival della giovane cultura Russa in Italia” will feature art and music with free concerts scheduled in Forte dei Marmi, in Seravezza at the Palazzo Mediceo and at the Sala Dell’Annunziata in the Chiostro di San Domenico… the Festival is sponsored by Svetlana Medvedeva, the wife of the President of the Russian federation in association with the Minister of Culture and Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. “The 2011 edition of the Festival has a special meaning this year as it is the ‘Year of Italian Language and Culture in Russia’ and the ‘Year of Russian Language and Culture in Italy.'” states Alexander Avdeev, the Russian Minister of Culture. “It is up to the youth, who are full of fresh ideas, and who are open to the new, to take up the primary role of strengthening international humanitarian collaboration.” The Moscow Quartet is Alexander Mayboroda, first violin, Kirill Kravtsov. Sergey Poltavskiy, and Nikolay Shugaev. A young group of young Russian sculpture students will, under the supervision of master and sculptor Andrey Balashov, participate in Master Classes at the Accademia di Carrara and the Studio of Massimo Galleni in Pietrasanta.

Art Galleries and Exhibitions: Pisa 2011

Franco Adami: “Pisa, Porto di Scultura”
From the 8th until the 30th of June, and sponsored by the Comune di Pisa is an exhibition of the work of Franco Adami, in the Palazzo Alliata in Pisa.
For information call: 050 910237 and here is the site of the Comune di Pisa.

Pisa is a wonderful city known throughout the world for its’ Tower and Baptistry, but it is a well-preserved and truly charming Medieval city with an active art and music scene. See the listing of events at the Giugno Pisano 2011 site.

Versilia Books: Viareggio 2011

“Un Mare di Libri” (A Sea of Books)
LuccAutori proposes this years’ “Mare di Libri” under the guidance of Demetrio Brandi, a confluence of writers journalists and psychologists that will be held in Viareggio in the gardens of the Hotel Apollo every Thursday of the month until the 28th of July. Dinners at a special fixed price of 25 euros will be available in collaboration with the Restaurant Afrodite. The menu is a special creation of Marco Marucelli of Mete Gustose and you can make reservations directly through the Hotel Apollo in Viareggio. Call 0584 1840440 for more information.

Tuscany nature: Walking & Hiking tours 2011

The Comune of Seravezza promotes the “Festival del Camminare” … a Walking Festival for hikers of all ages and abilities. Numerous events are planned, with an “emotional” night-time excursion up the Monte Pania, to see the dawn from on high. The Walking Festival started April 16th and will continue until November 13th. Every Saturday and Sunday, docents – graduates from the nearby Universities – will host guided tours of botanical gardens in the area and will accompany groups in walks of joy and discovery – some of the local botanical rarities in bloom. For a complete list of the planned events, visit the site of the Proloco of Seravezza. Make sure you check out their interactive guide to all the events organized by location, date and level of difficulty here.

Tuscany traditions: Camaiore 2011

“Tappeti di Segaturae notte di luci, canti e tradizioni” features elaborate “rugs” made from sawdust of different colors drawn on the main street in the center of Camaiore. The event runs two days. this coming weekend, June 25th and 26th and features, on Saturday, an evening of lights and song, followed by – on Sunday morning – a procession through town. For more information write to comune.camaiore@cert.legalmail.it

This is just the beginning… of the Summer of Art 2011. There’s lots to do in Pietrasanta and in the surrounding area. Please do feel free to write us with additions, corrections and comments, Thanks to all that helped with this very partial list of art and music events in Pietrasanta – we hope you find it useful. See you in the Piazza!

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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