“Cuore Ingrato” – The Ungrateful Heart, a group exhibition featuring young and up-and-coming sculptors, at La Polveriera

Stefano Di Giusto

La Polveriera – a space devoted to the “creation and promotion of art and culture – which hosts shows in the working spaces of the Studio Sem, hosts a new exhibit called “Cuore Ingrato.” The group show features the work of the up-and-coming local and international artists and sculptors who live and work in, and around Pietrasanta, and runs until March 10th. Featured is the work of Stefano Di Giusto (whose “Recipe for the Ungrateful Heart” is pictured above,) Bianco, Veronica Fonzo, Rita Meier, Szymon Oltarzewski, Podesta, Ragozzino, Rami-Jurado, Robalo and Zanellato.

The show, in the cluttered and bustling working space of one of Pietrasanta‘s busiest Studios is surprising and fresh; some of the work displayed is still in progress, some is small-scale and intimate – overall the show bristles with excitement and is full of discovery.

“Cuore Ingrato”
The Polveriera,
Via Sant’Agostino, 53
The show runs from February 11 until March 10th, 2010
The show is FREE and open to the public.
A note to the artists: we tried to link to your websites, and/or to english-language web pages for more info on your work. Please let us know if any of the information is incorrect, or if you would prefer that we link to any alternate site. And also… drop us a note to say HELLO, or to let us know what you are up to. Ci vediamo in Piazza!


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