A shout of anger – “impotente ma vigoroso.” (!?) A show of cartoons and sculptures by Mauro Biani in Forte dei Marmi … “satire to help us cope and stay human”

They say that laughter is therapeutic – if that’s so, then Mauro Biani, Italian cartoonist and satirist is a “doctor in deed,” as Italy’s economic … “issues” loom dark over the national mood, and the technocratic government of Mr Monti tries to prevent the collapse of Italy’s financial markets… the question on everyone’s lips on every economist’s lips is: ‘can Italy be saved?’ Can Italy be saved … and still remain Italy?

We mention again – without judgment – that Mr. Monti’s recent efforts have also included showy raids in the heart of “La Dolce Vita” – kind of like virtual “shock therapy.” Last weekend, over the Easter holiday, the “Fiamme Gialle” – Italy’s financial police – even made surprise visits – in plainclothes – to Forte dei Marmi’s chic-est shops, presumably to ensure financial propriety, and not to upgrade the quality of said plain clothes.

The economic implications of the situation are outside of the scope of this blog – and beyond the comprehension of even most Italians. But should Italy abandon the Euro, the ensuing chaos would potentially act as “rocky reef” to the Cruise Liner called “Global Economy.” The reforms proposed, and the controversial austerity measures discussed are just beginning to be felt… and the Italian people are bewildered and more than a little arrabbiati … angry.

Mauro Biani’s show “Satira, sculture e racconti a colori per restare umani” at the Museo della Satira in Forte dei Marmi goes until June 24th.
You can get a preview of the show catalog by clicking on the tiny “Mauro Biani contastorie” icon on the Museum home page… (sorry, we can’t seem to link to it for you)
Museum hours are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and holidays from 3:30pm to 7:30pm.
Museo della Satira e della Caricatura
Forte dei Marmi
tel: 0584 2801 – 0584 876277
www.museosatira.it – museosatira@gmail.com

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