UPDATE: “Danza Macabra” Italian Horror Classic from 1964 screens at Seravezza’s “Operazione Paura” Horror Fest

Antonio Margheriti’s stylish black and white horror classic (known as “Castle of Blood” in english – we link to the imdb page here.) stars Barbara Steele and George Riviere. It was featured today at 10am as part of “I Maestri” segment of the Horror Festival currently underway in Seravezza’s Renaissance Palazzo Mediceo.

The film details a bet between a journalist and Edgar Allan Poe to spend a night in a haunted castle. A Classic of “Horror Made in Italy” by the prolific Antonio Margheriti – according to the wikipedia article: “Margheriti started out in the Italian film industry in 1956 as a screenwriter. He started directing in 1960, his first film being “Assignment Outer Space”. Margheriti is known for his science fiction, horror, spaghetti western and action movies. He was the director of such cult movies as Cannibal ApocalypseCastle of BloodThe Virgin of Nuremberg, Assignment Outer SpaceWild Wild PlanetNaked You DieMr. Super InvisibleThe Last HunterBattle of the Worlds and numerous others. Most of his films were directed under the pseudonym of Anthony M. Dawson. He stopped using his real name in the USA early in his career, when he realized the English translation of the name “Antonio Margheriti” was “Anthony Daisies”, and he thought it sounded too effeminate.”

We post the complete “Danza Macabra” for your e(-dgar-allan-poe-)dification.

The Horror Festival continues today with the documentary “Operazione Paura” from 2004-2010 an homage to the great Mario Bava – is by Roberto Pisoni and Gabriele Acerbo (who will be present at the 9:30pm screening) as part of  “Poetry of Eerie.”

See the schedule in the previous post, or go to the Festival website for more details.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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