“Racconti di Mare, … in via Pescheria, “terraferma!”! “balena”! … … “só vecchio, mó”! – I pittori abbronzati son tutti al museo – al Museo, della Marineria-a”!*

 * This Friday, June 1st 2012 at 5pm – is the launch party / opening reception – … the proverbial three-hour tour if you will – for “Racconti di Mare,” an art show about the sea, at the sea, and, inspired by … well, … the sea …  The show docks at the Museo della Marineria, in the seaside city of Viareggio, to be precise, …a charming Italian resort, backbone of the Italian yachting industry … apparently listing … a bit … at the moment. Which makes “Racconti di Mare” the perfect response… foggy, oblique, fantastic… sublime, and even funny … in short: the crustacean response! 

Eight painters who have the sea in their hearts show work that’s figurative, evocative, work that invites, teases, fishes for narrative. The crew list: Daniela Caciagli, whose “Come il mare, 2009″ is pictured above. Giuseppe Castelli, Riccardo Corti, Beppe Francesconi, Marco Manzella, Guido Morelli, Armando Orfeo, Valente Taddei.

l’Assessorato alla Cultura del Comune di Viareggio together with “Viareggio Mare” sponsor the maritime initiative which is curated by Adm., Gianni Costa (director of the Galleria Mercurio Arte Contemporanea in Viareggio,)
Lt., Giovanna Cardini writes the enterprise’s watery log.

“Racconti di Mare,”
Museo della Marineria 

in via Pescheria 9
The show sails on until June 24th 2012
Hours: Friday – Sunday: 4pm to 7pm
Info: 0584 391004 / 333 2318925

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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