Richard Brixel brings his “Power” art exhibition to Forte dei Marmi

World-renowned Swedish sculptor Richard Brixel mounts a major exhibition of works in bronze in the Piazzas and public areas of Forte dei Marmi. “Power” – his first one-man-show in Italy consists of 12 large-scale works, gathered from all parts of Europe. The bronze sculptures are all made at the Fonderia Del Chiaro – where the artist works for long periods each year. Brixel’s “power” refers to the power of reason, the moral strength of his feminine forms but also of the sheer life-force that animates the world, generation after generation. Hope springs eternal, … and Richar Brixel’s art renews itself again and again, by championing rebirth.

The exhibition is produced by the Comune di Forte dei Marmi in conjunction with the Fondazione Villa Bertelli of Forte dei Marmi and by the Del Chiaro Art Connection with support from the Regione Toscana and the Provincia di Lucca.

Visit the artist’s website – for more information.

Richard Brixel
On exhibit from the 8th of June to the 30th of September
Piazza Navari – Piazza Dante
Forte dei Marmi

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