Liuwe Tamminga, Dutch organist opens the fifth edition of Sant’Anna’s “Organo della Pace” this Sunday, July 1st

Bologna-based Dutch organist Liuwe Tamminga kicks off this year’s “Organo della Pace” – the organ festival commemorating the killing of 560 innocent inhabitants of Sant’Anna at the hands of the Nazi SS troops (with the help of local Fascists) during the last world war.

Tamminga specializes in Italian music of the 16th and 17th centuries; he will play music by Dowland, Mozart, Chopin, Bach and Giacomo Puccini, among others. Nine concerts are scheduled for Sundays at 6 in Sant’Anna, see the line-up below. There are also conferences scheduled which will happen an hour before the concerts.

This is the program for Sunday’s concert:

Liuwe Tamminga
Johann Sebastian Bach           Corale Herzlich lieb hab ich dich o Herr
1685-1750                                   (from the Passion of St John BWV 244)
John Dowland                           Lachrimae Antiquae (1604)
John Dowland /                          Paduana Lachrimae
Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck
J.S.Bach                                       Corale O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
BWV 244
                                                       Herzlich tut mich verlangen
BWV 727
John Dowland                             Lachrimae Tristes (1604)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart    Lacrimosa (from the Requiem
1756-1791                                     KV 626, 1791)
Fryderyk Chopin                       Prélude op. 28 nr. 4
Niels Gade                                   Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern
Max Reger                                   O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden
1873-1916                                    Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern
John Dowland                             Lachrimae Verae (1604)
Sergej Rachmaninov                 Bogoroditsye Dyevo (Ave Maria)
1873-1943                                    (from the Liturgy of Vespers
op. 37/6, 1915)
Giacomo Puccini                        Salve Regina
Maurice Duruflé                         Ubi caritas et amor
1902-1986                                    (da Quatre motets op. 10, 1960)
André Isoir                                   Troisième Prélude, 
1935                                               Interludes I, II, III, IV (da Miniatures)
J.S.Bach                                        Herzlich lieb hab ich dich BWV 1115
                                                         Corale Herzlich lieb hab ich dich o Herr
BWV 244

Visit the artist’s website.

Here is Mr Tamminga performing Frescobaldi’s “Aria detta Balletto” – PLAY LOUD… and dance!


PROGRAM of CONCERTS of the 2012 Season

July 1st                          Liuwe Tamminga  (Bologna)
July 8th                         Edoardo Maria Bellotti (Milano/ Bremen)
July 15th                      Angelo Castaldo (Napoli)
July 22nd                      Luciano Zecca (Lecco)
July 29th                       Jörg Josef Schwab (Essen)
August 5th                    Wladimir Matesic (Bologna/ Marzabotto),
with Chiara Molinari (Bologna)), soprano
and Michele Santi (Cento di Ferrara), trumpet
August 12th                  Markus Eichenlaub (Speyer)
August 19th                  Klemens Schnorr (Freiburg)
August 26th                  Luca Scandali (Pesaro)

Conferences start at 5pm

July 8th: Dr. Nino Campagna, germanist and President of Acit Pescia “L’amore dei tedeschi per l’ Italia ha un grande predecessore: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe”

August 26th: Dr. Rainald Steck, ex-ambassador and until 2010 Chief of protocollo of the Ministero degli Esteri “Il paese dove fioriscono i limoni: le relazioni italo-tedesche nel ambiamento del tempo”

The Concerts start at 6pm
Free and open to the public


We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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