“Sculpture Shock” Berlusconi “dead” … exhibited lying in state, in a Rome gallery just feet away from Palazzo Chigi

Berlusconi is dead… his body displayed in the traditional mode reserved for saints and reliquaries… its “Il Sogno degli Italiani” – the dream of the Italians – a resin sculpture of the Former Premier … with one hand on “The History of Italy” and one hand … hidden in his trousers. He wears a tousled blue business suit … and Mickey Mouse slippers – and has a beatific smile stamped on his face; he lies in a glass coffin, … like Snow White… or Mao Tze Dong.

Artists Antonio Garullo e Mario Ottocento’s claim that this depiction befits a ruler like Berlusconi, in a country like Italy… their controversial portrait of the recently deposed head of state is a shocking statement even by Italy’s jaded standards – is it a brilliant masterpiece… or character assassination? … It may, in the end, just reflect their own wishful thinking. Berlusconi is known for re-inventing himself … and there’s already word he’s preparing a new political life (some “civic lists” have been leaked that suggest he may partner with the charismatic Mayor of Florence (!) ) Piggybacking on the anti-austerity sentiments felt by many Italians in the face of the difficult changes promoted by the unelected “technocratic” government of Mr Monti, some of the Cavaliere’s new “creative” political projects include asking Germany to leave the Euro. 

The artists are quoted in the Mail Online:
“We put Berlusconi’s body into a glass case to emphasise the personality cult that he has been creating for all these years and which will possibly remain for years to come. At the same time we put a screen between the contingent reality and historical judgment. If Italians are ultimately ”a people of saints, poets, seafarers” then the arch-Italian Silvio is a worthy simulacrum of this people’.

The Premier has participated in is share of all-too-real surreal stories, involving shady connections… shadier deals and sex parties with underage prostitutes…  he coined “Bunga Bunga” a neologism that’s been welcomed into the daily life of Italians. … yet we venture to say that reports of Mr Berlusconi’s untimely demise are premature, and that it is the disgraced Cavaliere who might have the last laugh, when the history of Italy’s undoing is told.

This is a link to a tumbler page on Berlusconi.
This is a link to the Atlas Obscura Guide to Communist Mummies.
We post three more photos… from a photogallery on the Caffetteria delle More site. 

Antonio Garullo and Mario Ottocento are not laughing… in front of the contested statue.

Brilliant political art or shoddy hatchet job, Made in Italy… What do you think?

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