Camaiore’s own Organ Festival starts this Thursday the 19th of July at 9:15pm – we post MORE (soprano sax, and) ORGAN music for your enjoyment!


Pietro Tagliaferri, soprano sax, and Stefano Pellini, organ, kick off “XVII FESTIVAL ORGANISTICO “CITTA DI CAMAIORE” 2012″Camaiore’s 27th Organ Festival, which features an impressive roster of internationally-known performers. The small bustling city of Camaiore in the Versilia area, on Tuscany’s northern coast, spans from the seas to the hills… The video above is the particularly beautiful “Dialogue en trio du Cornet e de la Tierce” by the soulful French Baroque composer Couperin, recorded in Austria by the talented duo who are opening Camaiore’s Organ Fest.

We link to a PROGRAMMA of the “XVII FESTIVAL ORGANISTICO “CITTA DI CAMAIORE” 2012″ Festival… ok, it’s a link to the poster, – with all the names and dates – we can’t find the program anywhere.

Camaiore’s organ music festival starts this Thursday, July 19th and goes on until the 26th of August. 10 performances are scheduled in what looks to be a series of special treats! All the concerts are held in the Chiesa della Badia, in Camaiore, start at 9:15pm and cost 5 euros.

This blog, Art is Life is looking to expand music coverage in the area… there’s lots of wonderful concerts and events coming up, from the Pucciniana and Versiliana festival, Pietrasanta in Concerto, the “Organo della Pace” (and now Camaiore’s own organ) festivals – not to mention that Patti Smith is playing the Gaber Festival in Viareggio next week! If you love music and enjoy going to concerts, live in the area and think you have something to say … or blog about it, we’d love to hear from you! Write us at

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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