Rare film of Auguste Rodin, the father of modern sculpture, from 1915

Auguste Rodin, towering figure in 19th and 20th century sculpture was born in Paris in 1840 of humble origins. He is considered the father of modern sculpture, although he never set out to rebel against the Academy. He revolutionized the field of sculpture with grand, expressive and very personal works, but was never accepted into Paris’s foremost school of art.

The always-remarkable blog Open Culture posts a rare film of Auguste Rodin in his studio – filmed in 1915, two years before his death at the age of 76. After posting other rare footage of  Pierre-Auguste RenoirClaude Monet and Edgar Degas – from Nick Wallace Smith’s Youtube Channel – Open Culture showcases the rare film of Rodin … first “walking up and down the stairs of a monumental building,” then “posing top-hatted in a garden,” “coming out of his home” – which would later become the Rodin Museum (we link to the wikipedia page on the museum, here) and, at the 126-second mark, sculpting – with hammer and chisel – in his studios at the Hotel Biron.

It’s a truly rare gem… an all-too-short portrait of the genius, … the man – who at 74 exudes warmth, power and grace.

We post – also via Open Culture – Erwan Bomstein-Erb’s, (the founder and director of Canal Educatif) english-language documentary on Rodin’s “Gates of Hell” a work that occupied the master’s life for 37 years.

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