Sculptures and paintings of Harry Marinsky – London-born artist who made Pietrasanta his home – go on view at the Versiliana in Marina di Pietrasanta

Harry Marinsky – a London-born artist who moved at an early age to the States, and in 1972 moved to Pietrasanta to pursue sculpture – gets an exhibition of some of his artworks in the gardens of the Villa Versiliana. The works – paintings and sculptures, some never-before-shown come from the artist’s private collection. At 25 he was art director of American Home and Country Life magazines, for which he painted many covers during the years. He studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, and at Pratt Institute of New York. His sculptures are both keen observations of nature and playful works of whimsy. He died in Pietrasanta, at the age of 99, in 2008.

You can find out more information about Harry Marinsky at the Museo dei Bozzetti site, from which we repost the above picture: “Summertime” – one of the works on display at the Villa Versiliana.

Harry Marinsky’s
Sculptures and Paintings
From July 14th to the 31st of August.
Villa Versiliana,
Marina di Pietrasanta

The Versiliana Festival website is linked here.
The Kendall Art Gallery has a page on Harry Marinsky – which we link to here – with a short bio and more pictures of the artist’s works.

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