Tonight at 7pm, sculpture and photography – a “Happy Happening” and an Aperitivo – the last appointment (for the summer) with M.U.S.A. Pietrasanta’s Multimedia Museum

M.U.S.A. hosts the last “Happy Happening” of the summer, tonight at 7pm.

The informal encounter – a light-hearted art interview if you will, with artists and sculptors tonight features Giuseppe Bartolozzi and Clara Tesi – who will discuss sculpture, and their exhibition “Occupy Beauty” which is currently happening all through the center of Seravezza. The photographer Andrea Bartolucci will discuss his current exhibition – which is on view at M.U.S.A. – ““LE STANZE DEL CIELO – SULLE TRACCE DI MICHELANGELO/ROOMS OF THE SKY – ON MICHELANGELO’S TRACES” (sic).

The “Happy Happenings” are moderated by Debora Simonelli and Fiammetta Galleni, and are followed by an Aperitivo.

Pietrasanta’s M.U.S.A. multimedia museum has featured films, documentaries and some great videoart all summer. We’re looking forward to next year’s program.

Visit Bertolozzi and Tesi’s website here.

Visit the Fondazione Henreux’s page on Andrea Bartolucci’s photography exhibition, here.

For info: Debora 338-5741081 | Fiammetta 338-57334058
“Happy Happening” group on FB
For more information, call Fondazione Terre Medicee 0584 756046 / 757443
Consorzio Cosmave 0584 283128 –

We link to a map for directions.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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