The works of Carrà, Viani, de Chirico … and Antonio Ligabue (among many other great Italian artists) are on view in “Le Avventure della Forma” exhibition in Seravezza until this Sunday, the 9th of September

This Sunday, the 9th of September 2012,  sees the closing of “Le avventure della forma. Dall’espressività di Viani, Sironi e Rosai alla realtà allucinata di Ligabue, Transavanguardia e oltre” … or loosely translated: “The Adventure of Form: from the expressionism of Viani, Sironi and Rosai to the psychedelic reality of Ligabue, (whose “Leaopard attacked by snake” we post above) the Transavanguardia and beyond.”

Enrico Dei and Marco Moretti curate the show – which features 75 paintings and 20 sculptures of some of Italy’s best-known artists, of this and the last century. The human figure, landscapes, forgotten urban spaces, and still lives, are the subjects that animate the 100 years of exploration in signs, colors, canvas, metal in a journey through painting and sculpture – a voyage taken by Italy’s famous and the not-so-well-known explorers of Art of the Novecento. Starting with Medardo Rosso, and continuing with Carena, Carrà, Soffici, Viani, Rosai, de Chirico Sironi, Funi, Casorati, Campigli, Conti, Gentilini, and Annigoni, Santini, Lotti, Loffredo, Xavier e Antonio Bueno, as well as the sculptures of Andreotti, Boncinelli, Marini, Manzù, Arturo Martini, Quinto Martini, Guidi, Venturi – “we didn’t even pretend to be all-inclusive” explains Enrico Dei, the curator.

A whole room is devoted to the work of visionary “Naive” painter Antonio Ligabue, whose striking expressionism seems to embody the spirit of the exhibition. Also shown are the works of Sergio Terzi – who was Ligabue’s driver, as well as being artist in his own right. Also on exhibit, the works of the american painter Ken Tielkemeier, who lived in Italy and was Ottone Rosai’s pupil at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, and whose paintings predate the neo-expressionism of the Transavanguardia, by several decades. The Transavanguardia is represented by Sandro Chia and Mimmo Paladino, while Italy’s Arte Povera is represented by the works of  Michelangelo Pistoletto.

Above is Ken Tielkemeier’s “Autoritratto” (sef portrait.)

The show casts a glance at the world of contemporary art by way of four artists – who all showed at the last Biennale di Venezia: Franco Mauro Franchi, Giampaolo Talani, Massimo Vinattieri and Concetta De Pasquale.

“Le avventure della forma. Dall’espressività di Viani, Sironi e Rosai alla realtà allucinata di Ligabue, Transavanguardia e oltre”
On view until Sunday, the 9th of September, 2012.
The show will remain open from 10am until midnight, on the last day.
Palazzo Mediceo
Admission price: 6 euros – reduced admission price is 4 euros.

The show – which has already enjoyed a great success, is organized by the Fondazione Terre Medicee the Comune di Seravezza in conjunction with the  Archivio Opere Lorenzo Viani of Viareggio.
We link to the Palazzo Mediceo page on the show here. And to a map for directions, here.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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