The ominous nudes of Dioscoride Dal Monte’s “Elegie Spagnole” provoke and amaze in Pietrasanta until the 30th of September

Ravenna-based Dioscoride Del Monte shows a selection of paintings – dark, unsettling, even disturbing nudes in a cycle he calls “Elegie Spagnole” in Pietrasanta’s Palazzo Panichi. His is a research into line and form and it finds its fruition in the study of the human body.

It seems that the figure is back – in the foreground of contemporary art – and at the heart of the artistic research into what exactly is humanity’s place in the world – at least it’s a theme that has been developed organically throughout the summer, in Pietrasanta. First with Fernando Botero’s blockbuster exhibition of oversized men, women (and animals!) and now with Dioscoride Del Monte’s case study – but also with Giuseppe Bergomi’s major sculpture exhibition, currently underway in the city’s Piazza and Sant’Agostino Complex – and also in Maria Gamundi’s solo sculpture exhibit which starts this weekend.

Dioscoride Del Monte’s paintings are rich chromatically, and while his study of the figure manifests itself into bold, dark rigorous glimpses of man isolated in an ample canvas of open space – man as island… freed from social constraints – his is a lucid painting of an intimate state, pure, ethical … jarring.

The show is sponsored by the Assessorato alla Cultura and the Centro Arti Visive of Pietrasanta.

Dioscoride Del Monte
Elegie Spagnole
Until the 30th of September, 2012
Palazzo Panichi
FREE and open to the public – Palazzo Panichi is located in the city’s main Piazza.
For more info: Centro Arti Visive tel. 0584 792655

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