Pietrasanta is called “Italy’s Little Athens” because of its artistic and cultural life, and for the artists and artisans who work in its sculpture studios and its bronze foundries

Chances are that if you see a monumental sculpture on a Piazza or square – anywhere in the world – that it was made in Pietrasanta. Artists have come to Pietrasanta, for decades, and have worked with the artisans in the studios and foundries to produce their works in marble and bronze. The charming medieval city, is located on Tuscany’s northwestern coast, roughly between Pisa and the Cinque Terre. It’s called a “Citta d’Arte” because of its thriving artistic and cultural life.

World famous artists and sculptors – as well as new and upcoming artists – come to show their work in the city’s many Galleries, in its exhibition spaces and in its Piazzas. The Complex of Sant’Agostino is worth noting, because it’s one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces anywhere. The Church of Sant’Agostino is a de-consecrated church and a very suggestive stage for some of today’s best known artists.This season we’ve seen a major retrospective exhibition by Botero among many other painting and sculpture exhibitions. Currently on show are major sculpture exhibitions by Giuseppe Bergomi and Maria Gamundi – as well as the work of Claudia Maina, one of the new generation of Italian artists.

The city is home to the remarkable Museo dei Bozzetti, which is a collection of (mostly) plaster models of works by some of the world’s best-known artists who’ve come to work here. There’s an incredible collection of marble and bronze sculptures located all through the larger Pietrasanta area, the Park of Contemporary Sculpture, which is part of the Museum’s collection.

We are preparing a post about the guided tour of the Park happening this Saturday, and link to the Park’s webpage here.

We’ve written much about the art scene in and around Pietrasanta on “Art is Life,” as well as other pieces on exhibitions elsewhere and statues in other Piazzas. You can choose to see ONLY our articles about Pietrasanta by clicking here.

We post a video made by Partart (Pietrasanta’s Arts and Art & Crafts Consortium) that does a pretty good job at capturing the flavor of life in the city. The short documentary is directed by Matteo Raffaelli, for XAOS.it You can find out more about Partart on their informative website, which we link here. For more videos about the art scene, and the work of the artists, artisans and craftspeople in Pietrasanta visit Partart’s youtube channel, which we link here.

We link to a Wikipedia article on the history of Pietrasanta, and to the Comune di Pietrasanta’s official site, (in Italian) – as well as to the webcam in Pietrasanta’s main Piazza. (the user name is “guest” and the password is “pietrasanta”)

The city is alive with galleries, restaurants and bars. It’s a testament to Italy’s enduring relationship to the arts – and to “La Dolce Vita.”

See you in the Piazza for an Aperitivo.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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