Discover Pietrasanta’s “Parco della Scultura” with a “visita guidata,” a guided tour, this Saturday, the 29th of September

By Mira Giromini.

This Saturday, the 28th of September, the Museo dei Bozzetti organizes a guided tour of its Parco Internazionale della Scultura Contemporanea specifically aimed at families and children – as part of the European-wide initiative “Giornate Europee del Patrimonio.”

The urban spaces of the city of Pietrasanta, from the foothills to the sea, are decorated with sculptures by world-renowned artists. Pietrasanta has received donations of monumental sculptures by Italian and International artists since 1992, starting with Botero’s donation to the city of his “Il Guerriero” – but even before, with Marcello Tommasi’s donation “La Campagna va al Mercato,” from 1968 – which is located in front of the market.

The sculptures become “arredo urbano” – a kind of freeform urban decor – the artist chooses the site together with the Comune and sees the project through to the installation – in a way then his or her sculpture is immortalized in Italy’s “Little Athens.”  The fact that there is no over-arching plan to the Park’s design allows for many sculptures from different epochs and by important sculptors from all over the world, to be placed in the streets, the Piazzas, the parking lots and traffic circles spread out over the whole of Pietrasanta’s urban landscape. (You can click on the highlighted titles below to see a picture of the piece from the Museo’s website) After Botero, in 1994, Igor Mitoraj donated his “Centauro” which is placed in a little quiet Piazza behind the Duomo’s belltower. Other artists’ sculptures grace the city – the first since 2000 is Harry Marinsky’s “St Francis,” followed in 2001 by Pietro Cascella’s “Memoria di Pietrasanta” – followed, in the same year by Folon’s “L’Oiseau” and then in 2002 with Alba Gonzales’ “La Sfinge e Colomba” and in 2003 with Anna Chromy’s “Il Danzatore” and Franco Miozzo’s “Propulsione.” Kan yasuda’s “Myomu” also known as “The Dream Key” welcomes new arrivals in the Piazza in front of the train station; it was followed in 2005 by Deredia “Continuatiòns” In 2006 the city receives Nall’s “Peace Frame” and Stanley Bleifeld’s “L’Eredità.” The two most-recent sculptures are Joseph Sheppard’s “Arlecchino”  and last year’s “Amanti Alati” by Eugenio Riotto.

It would take a long time to describe each work and the poetry of each artist’s vision, so I forward you, dear reader, to the Park’s webpage:  and I limit myself to saying that it is wonderful to always discover in Pietrasanta marvelous works of art – and maybe even to run into the artists themselves in the city’s Cafés.

The photo above is of the Museum’s collection of plaster models in the Chiostro, by Steven O’Banion from his blog, which we link to here. To see a picture of each piece we link to an alphabetical list of the artists whose works grace the city’s public spaces, from the Museo dei Bozzetti’s website:

The day-long event scheduled for Saturday, September 29th, 2012, is FREE and open to the public, but reservations are required.

Call the “Ufficio Cultura” at 0584 795500 for reservations or for more information.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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