“Pietrasanta la colta sorpassa il Forte” – Pietrasanta, the cultured, overtakes Forte dei Marmi – so sayeth the prestigious business daily “Il Sole 24 Ore.”

In an article published Wednesday the 26th of September the influential Italian business daily paper “Il Sole 24 Ore” extolls the virtues of the City of Art, saying that it has surpassed Forte dei Marmi as destination in the Versilia area of Tuscany. And how it has managed to do so by re-inventing itself in time of crisis by promoting art and culture, and the local “saper fare” – the knowhow of the people and the land.

After the impressive line up of exhibitions that happened this summer in Pietrasanta – notably Botero’s bithday bash – there are still several major sculpture and painting exhibitions in town at the moment – and several cultural events-of-note are planned for the near future.

We will add, at this point of the gentle sibling-rivalry tussle, that Forte dei Marmi, the richer sister to the north of Pietrasanta, has managed to produce quite an impressive line-up of artistic and cultural events as well. There have been numerous world-class exhibitions held there this summer, one worth noting is the ongoing Ugo Guidi show, which we posted about here.

We link to the Italian-language article from “Il Sole 24 Ore” here.

The photo above is of one of the events in the Piazza in Pietrasanta, this summer; we found it in an article by the Gazzetta di Viareggio, which we link here.
We link to the Comune di Pietrasanta website here, and to the Comune of Forte dei Marmi, here.

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