Iconoclasmism – The Beatles’ “Penis Painting” is defaced in Liverpool Museum… what pricks!

Jonathan Gent’s painting of The Beatles’ penises – … yes, there is such a painting – is the latest artwork to suffer “improvements” at the hands of philistines. Factmag reports that the circumspect attack was at the hands of a whole group of visitors to the Museum of Liverpool, and that the damage they inflicted may be irreparable – the still soft oil paint depicting the Fab Four’s … instruments was smeared on the canvas and now specialists are doubtful if the piece can be reconstructed. restored. The Museum, of course, was planning on auctioning the painting to benefit Claire House, a children’s charity. (… er, some commenters wondered about the propriety of such a coming together. ) Anyway, The Beatles possibly lose what last shred of dignity is afforded them in this situation, given the specifics – by the savage act; we lose another painting, and, the Art World loses one more “asset” – to sycophant iconoclasts.

The Museum, citing “regret,” has withdrawn the piece.

Visit Jonathan Gent’s website, linked here.The Museum of Liverpool site is linked here. You can make a donation to Claire House Children’s Hospice – the intended recipient of the profits from the sale – by clicking here.
The Factmag article is linked here.

The painting – and yes, … we post Jonathan’s Gent’s controversial and intimate portrait of the Beatles, before the vandal procedure – features, clockwise from top left: Paul, George, Ringo, and John.

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(via Exile on Moan Street.)


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