Pietrasanta scultura… 1941, from the ‘Giornale Luce’ – 49 seconds of art during wartime

Pietrasanta sculpture… as it was in 1941. We post a video – all 49 seconds of it – from 1941. Produced by the state-sponsored Istituto Luce during WWII and broadcast by the “Giornale Luce” on most movies screens in war-time Italy  It’s an excerpt we found on the CinecittaLuce youtube channel, on Pieterasanta and its  “Scuola d’Arte per la Lavorazione del Marmo – “ the sculpting school, we see students sculpting, maquettes on a drawing table, and the exhibition hall with sculptures, … among which an “M-shaped” ode to Italy’s “Dux Ducis,” Mussolini and his war victories…

Focused, … Roman-izing, … black and white. Just how we like our mini-art documentaries.

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