“The Apennine in the light of day / Is a mighty mountain dim and gray.” B&W photos of the marble quarries in the Apuan Alps over Carrara


The Apuan Alps overlook Carrara and Pietrasanta, and the Tyrrhenean sea, on Tuscany’s northwestern coast. They are the source of much of the marble, which since Roman times, has been used by artists and sculptors to make their art. The landscape does not hide the memory of the use… and abuse the mountains have suffered. The photos we publish here are by Roberto Mari, whose interest in the region, and especially the marble quarries in the region has yielded some remarkable photography.These striking photos are from a series of b&w pictures… it is Mari’s use of color, though, that is bold; he finds “colors where they apparently are not.”  We previously wrote about one of Roberto Mari’s exhibitions of his color photographs of marble, which we link to below.

Visit the photographer’s website linked here.

The quote in the headline is from Percy Bhysse Shelley’s “Passage of the Apennines.” We link here to an out-of-print book, which you can “flip through” – virtually- with more poems by Shelley.

Previously in Art is Life.

“That’s NOT marble! … You should just change the name of your show!” Roberto Mari’s “Marmo, Nuove Percezioni” an exhibition of photographs … … of marble opens amid controversy* in Pietrasanta’s Sala delle Grasce

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