Flavia Robalo, Pietrasanta based sculptor exhibits her poetic sculptures in “Piensamentos” at the Studio Gargano51 in Milan

Flavia Robalo, an Argentinian sculptor who lives, and works, in Pietrasanta exhibits new work in “Pensamientos” an exhibition at the Studio Gargano51 in Milan.

Hot on the heels of her exhibition “Rayuela” – a joint show with Veronica Fonzo – which was held recently at the Sala delle Grasce in Pietrasanta, Flavia Robalo exhibits her wood, marble, and bronze sculptures in Milan. Her work is figurative, somewhat naturalistic, but it describes inner states. Dreamlike, whimsical, the effect it has on the viewer is of gentle surprise, like words remembered, yet still not uttered, like landscapes inhabited by dear friends in fragments of dreams unfinished. The show is curated by Cinzia Cagnetta.

Flavia Robalo works at the “La Polveriera” studio in Pietrasanta, a venture that she and Veronica Fonzo have set up in what was the old Cervietti Studio. Their studio is home to workspaces for sculptors, art exhibits and cultural events. They are part of the new wave of sculptors working in the City of Art. Pietrasanta, on Tuscany’s northwestern coast, is renowned for its marble sculpture studios and bronze foundries. You can see a video – produced by PartArt – of Flavia Robalo and Veronica Fonzo’s “La Polveriera” studio in the last link below.

Flavia Robalo.
Until the 30th of December, 2012
Via Gargano, 51
Tel. 338 1780138

Visit the artist’s website, here. We link to ”La Polveriera” website here.

The show is sponsored by the Consul General of the Argentinian Embassy in Milan.

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