The Marino Marini Museum … in Pistoia is a treasure-trove of the artist’s forceful sculptures


Italian master Marino Marini, (1901 – 1980) who in the early part of the last century explored modernist themes in Paris, is an amazing sculptor … and painter, too. There’s a Marino Marini Museum in Florence – in the Church of San Pancrazio – which has a wonderful collection of his works, spanning his long career. But this post is not about that Marino Marini Museum, rather it’s a photo essay of some of the master sculptor’s works in the Museo Marino Marini in his native Pistoia. The Museum is located in the Palazzo del Tau, a wonderful building from the 1300s and a perfect setting for Marini’s evocative, and even savage, art. It’s a short distance from Florence, but it is well worth the visit.

You can read more about the artist’s life and works – in english – on the Museum site, linked here.

We let the pictures do the talking now.






We link to Marino Marini on Wikipedia, here.
We link to the Fondazione Marino Marini site where you can find out more info, hours, and directions.

The photos are by Guus Jooss, THANKS, Guus!
We link to Guus’ own website here.

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