La Dolce Vita … Lost at Sea! Lina Wertmuller’s “Swept Away” a rare english-language print (1974 Full Film)


We post a rare English-language version of Lina Wertmullers devastating “Travolti da un Insolito Destino Nell’Azzurro del Mare D’Agosto “ – in English: “Swept Away.”
You can watch the original in Italian, linked here.
We link to the wikipedia article on Wertmuller’s outrageous, often wry, sublimely funny – and still painfully relevant – 1974 film starring Giancarlo Giannini and Mariangela Melato.

Previously on Art is Life:

“For those of you who believe that the baby Jesus is a young Santa Claus,” we post the opening to “Seven Beauties” Lina Wertmuller’s sprawling epic film (with english subtitles)


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