Waterlily Jaguar: “he that takes by force or burns (as an occupation)”


The image is from Justin Kerr’s amazing database of Maya vases – the photos are taken as the vase rotates, thereby giving us a flat image. The Catholics destroyed almost all of the books during the first years of their occupation – only 4 codices are known to exist. These photographs are priceless documents that offer a rare glympse into the lives of the Maya gods and the priestly elites.

You can order a copy of the newly published VOLUME 6 of the MAYA VASE BOOK, by Barbara and Justin Kerr, on this webpage. The Maya Vase Books comprise a corpus of Rollout Photographs made by Justin Kerr with a camera specifically designed and built by him, to record the painting and carving on Maya vases and contains essays by noted Mayanists.

We link to Justin Kerr’s website, here.
The title of the post comes from a translation of the “Stone in Hand” glyph that appears in an essay by Timothy Knowlton, which you can read on the Kerr site, linked here.
Image: © Justin Kerr, K5070 www.mayavase.com

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