“Leonardo Da Vinci’s Lost Treasure” with Fiona Bruce (2011 BBC, Full Episode)


British television presenter Fiona Bruce traces the rediscovery of one of Leonardo’s ‘lost’ masterpieces, and gets the exclusive on filming the Renaissance master’s “Lost Christ.”

Bruce interviews the restorers and the art dealers who brought the missing portrait back into the annals of Leonardo’s oeuvre. The BBC’s choice of Bruce – who normally stars in lesser art-historical exposes (like the Antiques Roadshow) – was criticized, and the presenter herself got a fairly mean savaging by art historians and critics on twitter. The BBC documentary was filmed prior to the work’s public showing at the National Gallery in London for its massive Leonardo exhibition. It’s a fascinating look back through the centuries focused on the artist’s life and work, and we find Fiona Bruce charming, and convincing – … so the camera regularly focuses on Ms. Bruce’s derriere as she strolls through Florence, Milan, Paris, Warsaw and New York. Her mix of historical anecdotes, with occasional surprised enthusiasm and genuine wide-eyed wonder – … ok and her charming smile … and curvaceous figure – work to make “Leonardo Da Vinci’s Lost Treasure” informative, compelling… and fun to watch.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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