“Modigliani” forged …again! Arrested president of the artist’s Archive – artwork worth 6,650,000 euro seized


Four bronze sculptures, an oil painting, 41 drawings and 13 prints – worth an estimated 6,650,000 euros – were confiscated in Switzerland and in Italy as part of an operation which has lead to the (house) arrest of Christian Gregori Parisot, the President of the Modigliani Archives Legales, as well as the art dealer Matteo Vignapiano. According to the authorities, the first certified the art in question, and the second sold it on the market thanks to the credibility of the attribution. Seven other people are under investigation in the latest affair to plague the artist’s legacy.

In addition to the charge of counterfeiting known works, some of the art in question is apparently completely “invented,” meaning it is work inspired by the style of the troubled Italian master.

The Archives Legales Amedeo Modigliani were founded in 1983 by the artist’s daughter – she died under suspicious circumstances in an accident, the following year.

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