“Sculpture Shock” Michelangelo’s David is too naked for Shimane Prefecture


A 5-meter-tall replica of Michelangelo’s David is drawing the ire of local residents – some of whom demand drawers to help “preserve the modesty” of the chiseled youth. The David, along with a replica of The Venus de Milo, were donated to the city of Okuizumo by a local businessman. They’ve been placed in a Piazza “in a large public park that includes a full-size running track, a baseball stadium, tennis courts, a mountain bike course and a playground for children,” and according to The Japan Times some of the residents are unnerved, and “are calling for the naked masterpiece to be given underpants.”

“It is the first time we have had anything like this in our town. Perhaps people were perplexed,” Yoji Morinaga, a town official stated.

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Photo via The Japan Times
(Via Hyperallergic)

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