Not Safe For American Eyes – Facebook censors French Museum page over 1940 art nude


Most US states demand that women’s breasts never be shown in public regardless of the context- well, actually it’s the nipple that is the truly offending portion of the female anatomy. Acts of violence are less problematic for US lawmakers – according to the A.C. Nielsen company The average child will watch 8,000 murders on TV before finishing elementary school.

For Facebook – who recently banned the decidedly more provocative “Origine du Monde” – bare breasts are just too offensive to “community standards” wether visible on a co-ed at Spring Break, or in a work of art in a museum in France. Period. There’s no exception for art, even if the art is a 70-year-old black and white photograph by one Laure Albin Guillot (1879-1962), and the museum is the Jeu de Paume – where only 4% of its fb fans are based in the US.

Facebook un-banned the museum site only after they took down the offensive picture – the museum has put up a censored version in its place to acknowledge the social-network censorship.

We post the censored nude – it’s somehow more provocative and ominous than the rather staid 1940 “L’etude du nu,” which you can see before the Facebook intervention here.

For more info on the artist, we link to the Wikipedia page – which we found only in French.
We link to the museum’s fb page – where there’s a heated – if incredulous – discussion taking place.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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