Bart Herreman’s photographs of fantastic landscapes open “Seravezza Fotografia 2013”


The 2013 edition of Seravezza Fotografia started last week and promises to challenge the viewer with an emphasis on Surrealism … and social concerns. The Belgian photographer Bart Herreman showcases dreamlike compositions at the Palazzo Mediceo, while Andrea Bartolucci and Silvia Amodo delve into social issues at the Scuderie Granducali next door.

The yearly photography event is one of Italy’s premiere showcases of all things photography – and this year sees the continuation of the photo-related activities: meetings, workshops, portfolio viewings and a semi-permanent exhibition of the works donated during previous years by participating photographers, such as Nachtwey, Ballen, Cagnoni, Senigalliesi, Widkin and many others.

Bart Herreman
Until the 9th of June, 2013
Seravezza Fotografia
Palazzo Mediceo, Seravezza
For more information contact the Fondazione Terre Medicee
tel.0584.757443, email:

Visit the Seravezza Fotografia website linked here.

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