On the occasion of the 2013 “Alpi Apuane Montagne d’Acqua” photography contest prize “Le Vene dei Monti” will be screened and a debate will follow


The “Amici delle Alpi Apuane” group presents the 2013 prize for the “Alpi Apuane: Montagne d’Acqua” photography contest – and will show the documentary film “Le Vene dei Monti.” A debate “Apuane: NonSoloMarmo” (the Apuan Alps: not only marble) will follow. Speakers include: Franca Leverotti, Elia Pegollo, Angela Maria Fruzzetti, Nicola Cavazzuti, Andrea Ribolini, and Rosalba Lepore.

“Alpi Apuane: Le Montagne d’Acqua”
2013 Photography Contest
Saturday the 20th of April, 2013 at 4:45pm
Biblioteca Diocesana
Via dei Colli, 2

The photo above is by Angelo Ricci, and is the winner of the 3rd prize of the contest. Visit the “Amici delle Alpi Apuane” website, here to see the finalists’ other photographs…

For more information call: 347 3060787

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