“Pieces of History from the Future” show / sale suggests that in the future, we’re in … for … more of the same


You know that whenever street art goes up on gallery walls, on … canvas that the world as we know it is indeed coming to an end, … er, that it’s a complex and tricky proposition … at best. Okok we exaggerate. Basquiat succeeded in spades, but mostly whenever one takes street art out of the street and brings it into the art market – see the recent, and literal, removing of a Banksy mural from a wall in Woodgreen, London, and the ensuing controversy* – something happens. What exactly? Well, perhaps the question is poorly phrased; Banksy answers: “Why?”

Graffiti artist VFRESH… (the graffiti artist formerly knowns as VFR – notice the picture above) exhibited 100 pieces, of, kinda cool – if, a little repetitive – tags, taggings, taggish-isms, on … canvas in aNYthing’s lifestyle branded streetwear New York store, for a one-day special exhibition on April 5th. A limited run of 100 t-shirts, featuring designs presumably a lot like the above pictured designs, was available for purchase.

So, apparently the future is a lot like the present… only more so.

Previously on Art is Life:

Laugh now, but you know that Grafitti and Street Art are no longer THAT relevant when they grace Paris art gallery walls… voilà “Au Delà du Street Art”

*”Stolen” Banksy Mural withdrawn from auction

Invader in action, beyond l’Art de la Rue!

“Exit Through the Gift Shop” Banksy’s film about street art, the graffiti artist’s own work… and ultimately the state of the Art Market

“The bad artists imitate, the great artists steal – Picasso…” er, Banksy

“If you want someone to be ignored then build a lifesize bronze statue of them and stick it it the middle of town.” – Banksy

Banksy does the London Olympics

Banksy served his own take on Warhol and pop art at MoMA – “buon appetito!”

(via Anthem Culture,  Hypebeast)


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