A Royal Pain in the Arts, (con’t)


Ok, sorry for that terrible pun… but what is it really, with the Monarchy dabbling in the arts?

We recently posted about Gearge W. Bush (aka “43”) and his melancholy nude self-portraits, as well as the catatonia-inducingly commonplace “50 Dogs” series he recently completed… this week it is Prince Charles’ turn in the spotlight. On the occasion of the online publication of 130 of his watercolors, Mark Hudson, of The Telegraph neatly chops off the Sunday painter’s head… er, very-very-average-minded ambitions with a veritably plebeian “torpor-inducingly conventional.”

We post the above clip from the 1994 documentary about the Prince of Wales by Jonathan Dimbleby. In it the Prince mumbles something about “getting better” … and – in the same sentence mentions other watercolorists, “like Turner” … it’s a slightly endearing and pathos-filled scene, all around. And actually, we don’t find the watercolors “torpor-inducingly conventional,” … perhaps that’s a bit dramatic; we think they’re … kinda average, but a jolly-good – if somewhat conventional – try.

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On the 10th anniversary of the disastrous war in Iraq, “43, the emerging artist” paints 50 dogs

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