“Know Your Money” (con’t) we present the “Sir Winston Churchill Banknote Concept”


The British wartime leader becomes the first politician of the modern era to grace a British banknote, when the bill trades hands in 2016.

Financial reforms are well beyond the scope of this blog; we’re posting this because of the redesign of the note… we’re a little perplexed at the state of current banknote design, if we can call the graphics on the new notes “design.” Maybe the crisis has impacted the various treasury departments’ art departments, and we’re getting shorted.

It appears to us, given this, and the new $87* bill, that the new generation of banknote designers don’t have very high-level Design – or Photoshop – skills. I mean, what’s with the blue tint on Churchill’s face? Either he’s very unwell or slumming it in a Smurf costume. And the Hulk-green tint on Benjamin Franklin’s face??

What’s on the money nowadays just ain’t “on the money.”

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2 thoughts on ““Know Your Money” (con’t) we present the “Sir Winston Churchill Banknote Concept”

  1. Saw this ‘design’ on newspaper websites in the UK last week and wasn’t too impressed for many reasons. Loved your mention of the smurf like blueness of the image and similarly with the Franklin $100 in green. At least we haven’t reached the toy money levels of Australian banknotes with their vivid range of colours! 🙂

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