Giuliano Vangi, master sculptor, donates a second plaster model to Pietrasanta’s Museo dei Bozzetti


“Uomo nudo in piedi” (Nude man standing) a plaster model by Giuliano Vangi will become part of the collection of plaster models of the Museo dei Bozzetti, in Pietrasanta.

Vangi-Lombardi-Celli-Museo-Bozzetti-PietrasantaThe sculpture was translated into bronze in one of the local foundries, and is presently exhibited in the Vangi Museum in Mishima, Japan. “This work was born of an interior need of mine,” explains the master, “to explore the theme of man within nature. It is a man of bark, in a symbiotic relationship with his environment – who seems to emerge from a long sleep.”

Pietrasanta’s Mayor, Domenico Lombardi and  Chiara Celli, the director of the MdB, accepted the new addition from the master in a public ceremony, which was held Tuesday the 14th of May, in the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino.

Pietrasanta’s Museo dei Bozzetti is a wonderful museum – it has an amazing collection of plaster models, by Italian and international artists. The bozzetti, or models, are an intermediary step in the production of marble and bronze sculptures. Pietrasanta, is a charming medieval town on Tuscany’s northern coast; it is known as Italy’s “Little Athens” because of its rich artistic life and traditions – it has been home to marble laboratories and bronze foundries for centuries.

For more information on the life and work of Giuliano Vangi, we link to a Wikipedia article here.

Visit the Museo dei Bozzetti webpage , linked here.
The photo of the plaster model is from the MdB webpage on Vangi, which we link to here.


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