“Our Hours” photography exhibition showcases daily moments and gestures at Seravezza Fotografia 2013


The Seravezza-based photography club “Circolo fotografico l’Altissimo” presents “Our Hours” a photography exhibition that sets out as journey through the daily gestures and ritual actions of an imaginary person – one ordinary day in the life of all of us.

Seravezza Fotografia 2013, a major photography event, is currently underway at the Palazzo Mediceo (and the Scuderie Granducali) in Seravezza. Visit the festival website for ongoing exhibitions and for more information, linked here.

“Our Hours”
Circolo fotografico l’Altissimo
Until the 2nd of June, 2013
Seravezza Fotografia 2013
Scuderie Granducali

For more information contact the Fondazione Terre Medicee
tel.0584.757443, email: seravezzafotografia@terremedicee.it

Visit the Seravezza Fotografia website linked here.

Hours: Thursday through Saturday from 3pm to 8pm, and Sundays 10am – 12pm and 3pm to 8pm.

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