Viareggio gets nod in The Guardian’s “Readers’ Travel Tips: The Best of Coastal Italy”


The beach city once known as the Pearl of the Versilia, and which was once inspiration to artists and poets like Shelley and Byron, gets a starring role – as Tuscany’s only entry – in the British newspaper’s readers’ poll about Italy’s best coastal areas.

The city, located in northern tuscany, has had its share of problems recently – and is weathering Italy’s crisis with some degree of trepidation – but its allure as beach town lingers on. The city is one of Italy’s best-known beach resorts, and it is the destination-of-choice for Italians – and foreign visitors – for its bathing-establishment-lined beaches and hip night spots, since its heyday in the sixties and seventies. The city is home to art galleries, world-class seafood restaurants and the famous Carnival of Viareggio. We link to the wikipedia article on the city here.

Ryan McColl, the Guardian reader-contributor, mentions the short walk from the train station to the beach “past a variety of shops, restaurants and beautiful architecture.” And he also mentions the “stunning” nearby city of Lucca.

The photo above is by Barbara Vinck, from an instagram page, hashtag Viareggio – which we link to here.

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Viareggio celebrates the English Romantic poet Percy Bysshe Shelley – who died, on these shores on this day in 1822

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