“Homo Faber II” Pietrasanta celebrates the “Artigiani” – the craftsmen and craftswomen who’ve made it City of Art


The second edition of “Homo Faber” is about to start. Pietrasanta’s celebration of the master “Artigiani,” who bring their mastery in marble, bronze, mosaic and ceramics kicks off this weekend with an OPEN LAB tour of many of the laboratories and crafts workshops in the town that’s come to be known as “Italy’s Little Athens.” This year more than 50 studios and workshops will partecipate. The celebration starts this Saturday, the 15th of June, and continues until the 14th of July. Here are some of the highlights:

From this Saturday until the 14th of July.
See the workings of the marble studios, bronze foundries and mosaic and ceramic workshops – from the inside, as some of them open their doors and welcome the citizen to discover their secrets with guided tours. One can visit (appointments are necessary) the following workshops: Ceramiche Ivo Poli (tel. 0584 1855165), Da Prato Rizieri Alberto mosaici (tel. 0584 72443), Favret Mosaici (0584 70053), Ferrari & Bacci Mosaici (tel. 0584 790147), Fonderia Artistica Mariani (tel. 0584 790195), Fonderia Artistica Versiliese (tel. 0584 790127), Fusioni Artistiche F.lli Lucarini (tel. 0584 71618), Galleni Massimo Marmo (tel. 0584 793527), Nannini Mirto Intarsi (tel. 0584 23367), Restauroitalia (tel. 0584 969710), Rossi Pio (tel. 0584 790116), Stagi Mosaici Artistici (tel. 0584 790204).
The OPEN LAB tours are FREE and open to the public.

Piazza del Duomo and the Chiostro of Sant’Agostino:
The city center’s piazzas and exhibition spaces will feature works by some of the local and international artists who work in the studios – and will showcase the contribution of the artisans who bring to completion the artistic visions.
Hours: from 7pm to midnight, daily; the exhibitions are FREE and open to the public.

The artists of La Polveriera Studio at the Pier of Tonfano, in Marina di Pietrasanta:
The pier at Tonfano becomes beachside gallery as the artists working in the La Polveriera Studio exhibit their sculptures, until the 14th of July. Concurrently the Polish photographer Henryk Hetflaisz exhibits photos of the artists and artisans.
We link to La Polveriera facebook page here, for more information.
The show at the pier is FREE and open to the public.

“Radical Minds / Radical Designs” at M.U.S.A.
M.U.S.A., Pietrasanta’s virtual art and architecture museum hosts various initiatives: the first of which is an overview of the artistic activities in Pietrasanta’s workshops over the last 50 years. Ceramics, objects, drawings, models and archive photos and films will trace the close relationship between master artist and master artisan. The screenings are FREE and open to the public. We will print more complete information as it becomes available.
Visit M.U.S.A.’s website, for more details, linked here.

“Scolpire il Tempo” (Sculpting Time) at M.U.S.A.
Starting June 14th and continuing throughout the next month M.U.S.A. presents another edition of “Scolpire il Tempo” the video-art festival, which this year will showcase films about artists and sculptors, architects and designers. Featured this year: Norman Foster, Rem Koolhas, Ron Arad, Louis Kahn, Damien Hirst and Bill Viola among many others.
Visit M.U.S.A.’s website, for more details, linked here.


The photos we use in this post are by photographer Enzo Cei, who has spent many years documenting the lives and work of Pietrasanta’s artigiani. They are from his book “Made in Pietrasanta.”
Visit Enzo Cei’s website, linked here, for more information, and to purchase his striking photography book.

“Homo Faber II, Il Pensiero e la Mano”
A celebration of the artisan in Pietrasanta
From the 15th of June to the 14th of July, 2013
In the exhibition spaces, the Piazzas, and in the laboratories, of Pietrasanta

“Homo Faber II” is produced by the Comune of the City of Pietrasanta, in conjunction with the Fondazione Centro Arti Visive and the association Artigianart.

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Pietrasanta’s “artigiani” are the heart and soul of the ‘City of Art.’ Learn more about their work, and what’s “Made in Pietrasanta,” in Enzo Cei’s photography book

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