M.U.S.A., Pietrasanta’s Virtual Museum presents a weekend of art, architecture and cinema

The second edition of “Scolpire il tempo,” (Sculpting Time) Pietrasanta’s virtual museum’s festival of art documentaries and video art starts this weekend with a compelling selection of films and documentaries on art, architecture and cinema.
The festival is curated by Alessandro Romanini and is produced by the Fondazione Centro Arti Visive in collaboration with the Regione Toscana, the Comune di Pietrasanta, the Camera di Commercio and Pietrasanta’s Artigianart.

Friday, the 21st of June, 2013
“Luis Kahn, architetto visionario”

Louis Kahn’s son has made a documentary tracing his father’s impressive career. It focuses on the influential architect’s works for the Bengalese Parliament, in Dacca, the Salk Institute and the Art Gallery of Yale University. The architect was inspired by greco-roman ruins and developed a style given to monumentality which has inspired successive generations of architects and designers.

Read the Wikipedia article on Louis Kahn, for more information on the visionary architect; the page is linked here.


Saturday, the 22nd of June, 2013
“Matthew Barney

Told in the first person the documentary, produced by Art 21, traces the poetic expression of Matthew Barney – through various media, such as drawing, cinema, photography and performance art. Featured are his famous series of artist’s films “Cremaster” his drawings for “Drawing Restraint” as well as aspects of his life as athlete, and Bjork’s husband.

Read the Wikipedia article on Matthew Barney for more information on the artist; it’s linked here.


Sunday, the 23rd of June, 2013
“Histoire(s) du Cinema” Jean Luc Godard

MUSA-Histoire(s)DuCinema02The first four parts of the French master’s “Histoire(s) du Cinema” – his an eight-part meditation on the seventh art – get a showing this Sunday at M.U.S.A.. Ten years in the making, the epic documentary is an overview – and an ode – to cinema. The film is a journey through cinema, literature, science, painting and music and is a play of images, sounds, texts and words.

Read the Wikipedia article on Godard’s “Histoire(s) du Cinema” for more information on the project; the page is linked here.

All of the events of “Scolpire il tempo” take place at M.U.S.A. and are FREE and open to the public.

We link to M.U.S.A.‘s website, here, for more information.

“Scolpire il tempo”
Via Sant’Agostino 61 (corner of Via Garibaldi)
Tel. +39 0583 9765


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