“That Mighty Sculptor, Time” ____________ Giovanni Ricci-Novara’s photography exhibition in Lucca lingers in the places where Time seems not to be waited for, places where even the wind, extenuated, stops its journey.


In “Il tempo grande scultore” (That Mighty Sculptor, Time) the new photography exhibition by Giovanni Ricci-Novara, the photographer casts a careful look at the unforgiving caress of time on places and things. He reflects upon “the meaning that Time assumes within the conception of our life, beyond the agonizing melancholy that the sight of ruins might create within our spirit.” In his photographs of arid landscapes and weathered symbols of power one feels the physicality of matter’s journey through the aeons.

The exhibition traces the photographer’s personal interests, of the intransigence of time and of observing forms in darkness, set free by light; Ricci-Novara records these concerns in the still landscapes and ruins of Nemrut Daği, in Anatolia and the sculpted masterpieces in museums in Rome and in the world.

Giovanni Ricci-Novara’s “Il tempo grande scultore” starts tomorrow, the 22nd of June, at Lu.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art.

The opening reception is the 6th of July, 2013 at 6pm.

Visit the photographer’s website, lined here.






Giovanni Ricci-Novara
“Il tempo grande scultore”
From the 22nd of June, to the 21st of July, 2013
at Lu.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art

We link to Lu.C.C.A. – Lucca Center of Contemporary Art website, here.
And this is a page with directions, … we link that here.

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