Egyptian statue mysteriously spins in British museum

A 3800-year-old funerary statue dedicated to the God Osiris, has started to move, on its own, in a display case, in the Manchester Museum. The statue started moving earlier this year – it has been in the museum’s collection for 80 years. Needless to say museum staff were curious. They placed a stop-motion camera next to the case, to track the statues’s movements, and then, when they saw the footage, they were … baffled. The 10-inch tall chthonic avatar of one Neb-Senu, indeed spins – counterclockwise – on its own, mostly unnoticed, and mostly during the day. Speculations have run amok as to the cause… ambient vibration, … ancient curse, … coded message from the Netherworld?

Pretty spooky stuff, no matter how you spin it.

2 thoughts on “Egyptian statue mysteriously spins in British museum

    • Good question… there is some talk that it’s a vibrational thing, and that the surface of the bottom of the statue is not even, and so it “slides” on the glass… and then again, it could be the place itself that has something to do with it… a mystery indeed.
      : D

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