“Open Lab” Visit Pietrasanta’s Artisanal laboratories until the 14th of July as part of Homo Faber 2013


“Open Lab” – The Artigiani’s Labs are open to the public as part of Homo Faber 2013. Visit Pietrasanta’s famed marble studios, ceramics and mosaic laboratories and it’s bronze foundries – until the 14th of July, 2013.

Call to make an appointment.

Ceramiche Ivo Poli (0584 1855165)
Da Prato Rizieri Alberto mosaici (0584 72443)
Favret Mosaici (0584 70053)
Ferrari & Bacci Mosaici (0584 790147)
Fonderia Artistica Mariani (0584 790195)
Fonderia Artistica Versiliese (0584 790127
Fusioni Artistiche F.lli Lucarini (0584 71618)
Galleni Massimo Marmo (0584 793527)
Nannini Mirto Intarsi (0584 23367)
Restauroitalia (0584 969710)
Rossi Pio (0584 790116)
Stagi Mosaici Artistici (0584 790204)

The photo above is by Henryk Hetflaisz, and is part of his photography exhibition, currently underway, in Pietrasanta.
Visit the photographer’s website, linked here.

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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