Igor Mitoraj’s bold and lyrical “Annunciation” is unveiled today, in Pietrasanta, after months of waiting and much controversy

Mitoraj-2013-Annunciazione-Pietrasanta-Photo-Giovanni-Ricci-NovaraPhoto by Giovanni Ricci-Novara

“The Annunciation,” a site-specific artwork by Igor Mitoraj meant for the Church of Sant’Agostino, in Pietrasanta, is unveiled, in a ceremony this morning at 10am, presided over by the City’s mayor, Domenico Lombardi.

The Church has long been deconsecrated and devoted to major art exhibitions by important contemporary artists. It is one of the early-Renaissance churches in Pietrasanta and one of the most beautiful exhibition spaces in the world,

The high-relief sculpture featuring the Virgin, the Angel, and Christ, is Igor Mitoraj’s gift to the City of Art. The figures evoke Greek and Renaissance models, yet they belie a radically modern aesthetic. Mitoraj is one of the most important sculptors working today; he has lived and worked in Pietrasanta since the late 70s. The Polish artist has, in the past donated works to the city, such as his “Centaur” – we link to the Museo dei Bozzetti webpage on the sculpture, here – and a sculpture housed in the City Council offices.

But such generosity has not been met with the thanks one might expect – from some parts of the city’s artistic community, at least. A group of citizens has organized – and gathered some 1300 signatures – to prevent the city from going forward with its plans. Call it a lively artistic debate, perhaps even a serious concern for the aesthetic and structural integrity of the 13th century church, or call it plain professional jealousy … what we can say is that the controversy over the placement of the bronze relief has, certainly been lively.

Read the Wikipedia article on Igor Mitoraj, linked here, to learn more about the artist’s life and work.

The ceremony is scheduled for 10am, Sunday July 7th. As we mentioned the city’s First Citizen will be present, along with the artist, and the art critic Adolfo Lippi,

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