“Le Cave Abitate. Realtà e Astrazione” exhibition pays homage to the marble quarries and the mountains over Pietrasanta


“Le Cave Abitate. Realtà e Astrazione” (The Inhabited Quarries, Reality and Abstraction”) is the title of an exhibition currently underway at the Galleria/Studio La Meridiana, in Pietrasanta.

The exhibition is curated by Lodovico Gierut and Roberto Valcamonici, features works by some of the masters of Italian contemporary art, such as: Pietro Annigoni, Franco Miozzo, Eugenio Pardini, Virgilio Poli, Arturo Puliti, Leone Tommasi, Marcello Tommasi, Sergio Vatteroni, Giuseppe Viner, Alberto Bongini, Loretta Brizzi, Angela Careggio, Franco Del Sarto, Luigi Falai, Sigifredo Camacho B., Carlo Ferrari, Silvana Franco, Giampiero Frediani, Riccardo Luchini, Renzo Maggi, Liliana Marsili, Tito Mucci, Bruna Nizzola, Marcello Scarselli, Mario Soave, Sergio Suffredini, Roberto Valcamonici among others.

Lodovico Gierut, one of the two curators, states: “the exhibition sets out to celebrate the whole of the marble region and influence of the marble quarries, which are synonymous with work and sacrifice, on artists, past and present. The artists in group exhibition, read and interpret this influence, through figurative and abstract works, where force and sentiment prevail.”

“Le Cave Abitate. Realtà e Astrazione”
Until July 21st, 2013
Galleria/Studio La Meridiana
Via Barsanti, 29
Hours: from 6pm to midnight.

Email the gallery for more information: gallerialameridiana@gmail.com

We encourage you to let us know what you think! Fateci sapere cosa ne pensate!

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