“Angry Italians” … the Android game-app, where (politicians’) heads roll


Echoing the Italian people’s rage, readable daily, on the front pages of the local dailies, the new game-app “Angry Italians” pits opposition-comic-turned-politician Beppe Grillo against the whole lot of Italian politicos.

Ok, so the game, designed by Fabio Pallini, is a shameless rip-off of “Angry Birds” (and apparently not a very compelling one, at that) but it promises a chuckle or two, for its simple twist: instead of the …well, … angry birds, we have Italy’s loudmouth autocratic reformer Beppe Grillo, and instead of the pigs, well, … take a wild guess.

Bound to frustrate most, for its sophomoric humor and spare graphics, the game received a 3.5 – out of five – stars, from users. You can download the app here.

La Dolce Vita… now angrier!

(thanks Terry!)


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