“La Dolce Vita” ….. rentable! We post the “Price List” for booking the Uffizi, or the Ponte Vecchio for Dinner, or Cocktails

Florence, under the rule of its Mayor, Matteo Renzi, has released the “Price List” for renting the city’s historic treasures – for cultural events, Theater plays… and for Cocktail Parties – so reports the “Fatto Quotidiano” daily.

Here is the “Tariffario per la concessione in uso dei beni culturali per eventi” – what it’ll cost you to rent the cultural heritage of Florence for “special events:”

Cocktail Party at the Grotta del Buontalenti at the Boboli Gardens,
(Pictured above – photo from Wikipedia)
5,000 euros (plus 100 euros for lights)

Dinner at the Cortile Dell’Ammannati, in the Palazzo Pitti
15,000 euros
(a “cultural event” will set you back: 5,000 euros, a “theatrical event” less: 3,000 euros… a “generic event” a lot more: 20,000 euros.)

Dinner at the Galleria Palatina, in the Palazzo Pitti
10,000 euros (food excluded)

Cocktail Party under the Pietro da Cortona Vaulted Porticoes at Palazzo Pitti,
7,000 euros

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party in the company of Botticelli’s “Venus”
Cocktails 5,000 euros (a dinner: 10,000 euros)

Fashion Show amidst the Medici Statues?
(This caused a scandal last year, when it cost 30,000…)
The cost this year: 150,000 euros.

At the end of the article the “Fatto Quotidiano” asks: what is the use of preparing young archeology Ph.D.s … so that they might increase our level of civilization, or to – literally – cater to the moneyed elite?

The daily sums up the whole affair thusly – and we translate: “It could seem, to some someone, that this is some sort of “modernizing” of the management of the country’s historic-artistic patrimony – to many others, in Italy and abroad, it looks instead like the last stages of a dying State, that is begging for alms with a plate in its mouth. And… to not think about this, we could always tie one on at a Cimabue Cocktail Party, in the Uffizi.”

We link to the original article on the “Fatto Quotidiano” website, here.

(Thx, Steve)

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